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Filming in stunning, cinematic 35mm HD, KJW Productions portfolio includes five second shorts to two hour features. In 2005, KJ Wang formed The Faucet Drinkers, a group of award winning artists to compete in several short film competitions such as the 48 Hour Film Project, the 24 Hour Film Racing, as well as the Film Racing Grand Prix. After accumulating several awards, the team decided to move on to bigger projects without disbanding The Faucet Drinkers together.


KJW Productions Motion Pictures have been making short films in HD since 2007. KJ Wang, director, cinematographer - filmmaker, has traveled to various parts of the world to absorb different aspects of filmmaking, including the Czech Republic, the Solomon Islands, and Taiwan.


Main Camera: Panasonic HVX-200
35mm Adaptor: Redrock Micro
Main Lenses: Prime: 20mm, 28mm, 50mm, 135mm, 300mm
Matte Box: Redrock Micro Mattebox
Tripods: Manfrotto and Davis & Sanford
HD Monitors: SmallHD DP1x and SmallHD1
Microphone: RØDE NTG-1 with Beyerdynamic boom pole
Edit Suite: Final Cut Studio Pro, Adobe Creative Suite